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2021-07-25 Sunlight To Split H2O Into Hydrogen

<< Making hydrogen is hard, but researchers have solved a major hurdle. >> The article doesn’t say if it’s electrolysis. But the efficiency must be better than electrolysis for it to replace electrolysis. I think it might be more practical to combine a solar array, electrolytic hydrogen generator and other equipment into a single

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2021-07-23 No More Big Oil To Blame For Suppressing Your Invention

David Cowlishaw It has been more than ten years since that article was written / published, but there still hasn’t been a “water powered car.” So what has been your excuse? You used the excuse that the “oil barons” took this invention and made it disappear. I know this for a fact. In the next

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2021-07-15 Hydrogen Turbines Vs. Lithium Ion

The cost of green hydrogen must come down or else the gas turbines must be used as a peaker plant during the time when high demand causes electricity price to spike. As the percentage of renewables increases, this may happen more often. But that will cost consumers.

2021-07-09 Hydrogen Can Do What Batteries can’t do

From FB group Heinz Baumann Your chart fails to show the whole picture. The chart doesn’t show that the renewables can’t supply the total electricity demand until the 20 to 35% capacity factor is accounted for by building 3 or more times the solar or wind that is needed. During the winter due to less

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2021-06-19 End Of Fossil Fuels

Watson Fixer Q.) How do you figure this? Only 44% of oil is used as fuel. The other 56% is used for thousands of different products. Just because a car doesn’t use fossil fuel, doesn’t mean a major portion of it isn’t produced with oil! Most products in our society require oil to be produced.

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2021-06-15 Future Hydrogen in Europe and Australia

The rest of the world is planning on building hydrogen generation infrastructure for replacing fossil fuels. This is an interesting article about plans in Europe and Australia.

2021-06-12 Hydrogen Based Energy Storage System

German company is marketing a hydrogen based energy storage system for residential use. Also heats water. It’s made for use with solar PV system. PICEA

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2021-06-04 Scientists Harvest Lithium From Seawater

Scientists have cost-effectively harvested lithium from sea water. This also produces hydrogen and chlorine and can use the leftover brine from desalination plants. It requires a lithium lanthanum titanium oxide (LLTO) membrane. Very interesting! Another link

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2021-06-01 Hydrogen Electrolyzer For Quebec

I’m hopeful that more of these green hydrogen electrolyzer systems are going to be installed. The hydrogen is accomplishing more than one thing. The electrolyzers are putting to good use the excess renewables power that would otherwise be wasted. The green hydrogen is, of course, being used to replace fossil fuels, and thus reducing CO2

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2021-05-25 Solar, Wind + Batteries Are The Cheapest

This YouTube video from Tony Seba of RethinkX shows the incredible cost reductions that have been and will be made to the cost of solar, wind plus battery storage. “SWB100” is his acronym for 100% solar, wind plus battery storage. Seba states that SWB100 will be so low, per kWh, that it costs less than

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