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2021-02-01 Trump Influence On Congressmen

Yes, that’s being brought up in the media. My opinion is that those congressmen who vote to not convict Trump after the trial should have to answer for their malfeasance. I’ve been finding out more about what media believes Trump will do. They figure that if a Republican congressman does not stay loyal to Trump,

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2021-01-29 Gigafactory Texas Timelines & Map

From Joe’s video of Jan 29.

2021-01-26 Monkey Business


2021-01-21 Biden Cancels Trump’s Keystone Pipeline Permission

From FB comment I see all this speculation about what’s going to happen in the future with the Keystone Pipeline but no one brings up a few very important points. There are already pipelines from Canada to the south, so this cancelled pipeline is increasing the existing amount coming into the US. The cancellation is

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2021-01-17 Earth’s Future Outlook Is Worse Than…

The chart from Bloomberg NEF predicts that by 2050 the world will still have 24% of global electricity produced by fossil fuels. We must switch to more renewables sooner or there will be no future.

2021-01-15 Should Twitter, etc. Continue To Restrict Trump?

The PBS Newshour is taking a poll of whether or not social media should restrict Trump after he’s no longer president. With 34 thousand votes the opinion poll is almost 2 to 1 to restrict. Trump said he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Ave. and get away with it. After the Capitol

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2021-01-12 Trump Said”It Was Totally Appropriate”

The Congress is getting more onboard with impeaching Trump a second time. Some Republicans – Liz Cheney for one – are saying they believe what Trump said was incitement to insurrection and will vote for impeachment. The Democrats may have enough votes in the Senate to convict. Trump spoke at the southern border and said

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2021-01-06 Pro Trump Crowds Storm Capitol

<< “The danger here is the President is saying people are angry out there; people think fraud has been committed. Why? It’s because the President of the United States is putting out a fraudulent statement; a false statement to make people angry and then he can cite the anger as a reason why the vote

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2020-01-05 An Open Letter To Mark Zuckerberg From Lenny Pozner

This letter published in July 2018 by The Guardian, the last paragraph was quoted by the 60 Minutes article about the lies and conspiracy theories that have been spread about the Sandy Hook tragedy and other incidents. Noah Pozner, Lenny’s son, died in the shootings. This conspiracy theory was promoted by radical conspiracy theorist Alex

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2020-12-12 3D Printing Concrete Houses

Here is a video of houses being built with a giant 3D printer. Building prefab concrete houses was done by Thos. Edison over a hundred years ago. But this is a 3D printer driven by software.

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