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2021-02-18 Bill Gates “How To Avoid A Climate Disaster”

From FB reply “Stephen Hymowitz I ordered Gates’s book; I’ll be reading it soon. I agree with the production and storing of green hydrogen. GE is modifying their gas turbines to run on hydrogen. Toyota, Hyundai and Honda sell hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. There are plans to run ICE vehicles using green hydrogen. Hydrogen is

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2021-02-12 Fake News, False Accusations On Trial

I have blogged about the ‘alternate truth’ from the extreme Right. This article is about Michael Mann’s defamation lawsuit against a blogger and an author in a conservative magazine. They have not been able to prove that Mann’s ‘hockey stick’ showing global warming is in error. The climate change deniers have used the same tactics

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2021-02-11 Diatoms Are Declining

This quote is from: << Dwindling diatoms and the mixed layer Earth’s oceans teem with microscopic plants called phytoplankton. But according to a 2015 NASA study, populations of diatoms, the largest type of phytoplankton algae, have declined more than 1 percent per year from 1998 to 2012. Phytoplankton are an essential base of the

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2021-02-09 Colorado R. Profiteering, Rent Seeking

The Colorado River Basin has been in a drought for two decades and water rights are being eyed by investors as an investment. This, to me, is profiteering and rent seeking. There should be laws against private abuse of public resources. The law should require that owners of private land that has rights to water

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2021-02-05 Corn Fed Cows Are 3 to 40% Efficient

From Sci Warning FB group Bertrand Esarte-sarries Your praise for the meat industry means *nothing* if the Earth can’t feed the people. It’s not about health, it’s about enough food to feed everyone. I suppose you will praise the meat industry when they have to start slaughtering and selling human meat! Otherwise there will be

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2021-02-05 What’s A Sustainable (And Just) Business Model?

For some small businesses the input is mostly manpower, the rest is the power from electricity. In this case the business model is sustainable with electricity that’s from renewables. Any raw materials would have go come from sources that are sustainable. Important concept.

2021-02-04 Plant-based Diets Crucial To Global Wildlife

This is important. A quote: << Fixing the global food system would also tackle the climate crisis, the report said. The food system causes about 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions, with more than half coming from animals. Changes to food production could also tackle the ill health suffered by 3 billion people, who either

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2021-02-04 Iceberg Threatened S. Georgia Is. Is Melting

The trillion ton A68 iceberg broke off of the antarctic ice shelf in 2017 and has been floating around down there since, slowly melting. This is the one they said was the size of Delaware. The Brits are studying it to see what effects it’s having on the wildlife. The Thwaites Ice Shelf is being

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2021-01-30 Pandemics: History And Prevention

I got a lot of information from this lecture. The Avian flu was harmless to waterfowl, but when humans started raising chickens in <factory farms> where the chickens are confined too close to one another, the flu virus spread to infect their lungs. The confined chickens allow the virus to spread rapidly through the flock,

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2021-01-28 Court Strikes Down Trump’s ACE Rule

The EPA under Trump was unbelievably evil, trying to undo the regulations that protect us. They have been caught again, doing an illegal cancellation of previous regulations. Shame on Trump! :-()

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