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2021-06-29 Sodium Ion Batteries

Sodium Ion Batteries are very similar to lithium ion batteries, but sodium is much cheaper. Wikipedia

2021-06-26 Solar Panel Recycling Is Inadequate

Article about the ‘dark side of solar.’ More recycling of solar and wind needs to be done to prevent the panels from ending up in landfills. (Harvard Business Review)

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2021-06-22 Battery Storage Information Article

This article gives good information about various types of BESS. Mentions FERC order 2222. Flow batteries. Talks about green hydrogen, electrolyzers, fuel cells and round trip efficiency. Other battery uses.

2021-06-21 SOLshare Peer-to-peer Solar Power Sharing System

SOLshare shares solar power among nearby residences. But it’s a mesh network so the microgrid can connect with another microgrid, which can connect with other microgrids. It’s a peer-to-peer trading platform. “So that the people who cannot afford the solar system can buy energy.” YouTube video Their website


2021-06-21 Australia Supplying Lithium And Nickel

Said, “Each EV has about 5000 dollars (Au?) In it.” Well, the battery pack is about a hundred dollars US per kWh or about $7500.00 per vehicle. It’s hard to believe that the raw material costs make up well over half of the cost of an EV battery pack. Then he said Denholm noted that

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2021-06-20 Thermal Power Plants Use 41% Of The Water

There are those who complain about the amount of water used to mine the battery raw materials such as lithium. But the water used to mine a kg of lithium is only used once. They also complain about the water or other materials used to make wind turbines. That water is used only once. But

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2021-06-04 Scientists Harvest Lithium From Seawater

Scientists have cost-effectively harvested lithium from sea water. This also produces hydrogen and chlorine and can use the leftover brine from desalination plants. It requires a lithium lanthanum titanium oxide (LLTO) membrane. Very interesting! Another link

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2021-05-20 Hydrogen Pro’s, Con’s, And Why’s

From FB group TSLA Shareholders Doug Halkenhauser You said, “…[hydrogen] is worse on every single metric.” Am I supposed to believe you, or the other major car makers Toyota, Honda and Hyundai??? It’s obvious that your claim is being ignored by the companies that are important. If you were to talk to those tens of

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2021-05-18 Tesla Vs Conventional Cathode Production

There is speculation among viewers about what is going to be put into the ‘landfill pit’ being built next to the building at Giga Texas. Some say it’s a landfill; others think it’s too shallow for a landfill. I was reading the following article and noticed that the conventional cathode production has a lot of

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2021-05-17 Li-Ion Competitors: Flow, Zinc, Sodium Etc.

This good blog has many links to other articles about competitors to Li-Ion AKA LIBs. But near the end it explains why LIBs may be very difficult to compete against. It points out that as more renewables make up the grid, there is more demand for medium (8 to 24 hours) storage and long term

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