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2022-02-03 Tesla Cathode Plant At GF Texas

I had assumed that the Project Bobcat at GF Texas would be the cathode plant. There already have been steel beam deliveries for a building with the name cathode. But the article doesn’t say anything about that, but the map shows that it is in the same location. So this application may be for the

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2022-01-30 Panasonic To Make 4680 Cells In Japan

This article has important information about the problems that Panasonic has had at GF Nevada. They will take production of 4680 cells to Japan.

2022-01-19 CATL Batteries Huge Future Demand 400+GWh

There will be a huge demand for batteries in the future according to CATL. They are bringing a huge factory online but the demand will be greater over the next few years. The demand is growing.

2022-01-12 10 Notable BESS Completed in 2021

On top of these battery energy storage projects, there is the Johanna BESS that Southern California Edison will be commissioning in Santa Ana, California.

2021-12-27 13 Battery Factories To Be Built In US

There will be (at least) 13 new battery factories to be built in the US by 2025. They forgot to count Tesla’s GF Texas battery manufacturing plant. The biggest problem is to get the raw materials. That is establishing the supply chains for lithium, nickel, cobalt graphite, to name a few. And for LFP

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2021-12-23 Tesla Secures Graphite Anode Material

Tesla secures a supply of graphite battery anode material from Syrah Ltd., An Australian company which is building a plant in Vidalia, Louisiana.

2021-11-28 Battery Plant Construction At Giga Texas

From reply on FB group TSLA… Lee Davies The building where the cathode materials will be made is nothing but a field with the steel beams in piles waiting to be built into the cathode plant. It will take a year to build it and get it up and running. The building behind Joe is

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2021-11-26 New 600MW Solar + Battery In Texas

A new billion dollar 600 MW solar + 400 MW, 800 MWh battery storage plant will be built near Uhland, TX in 2022. This is just down the road from Giga Texas.

2021-11-06 Lithium Sulfur Battery Startup Lyten

The cells will have 900 Wh/kg, more than double the li-Ion cells. Cells were tested for 1400 charge/discharge cycles. Lyten is on San Jose, CA and has been making batteries for the government, military.

2021-10-05 Elon’s Battery Con Job Exposed

Many bad accusations made against BESS systems like Tesla’s Megapacks.

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