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2021-05-21 Bubonic Plague “Survival Of The Fittest”

This research shows that no matter how bad the pandemic is, there are always survivors.

2021-05-07 Hillary: There Has To Be A Global Reckoning With Disinformation

An excellent Hillary Clinton interview by the Guardian.

2021-05-03 IBM Daisywheel Current Loop To IBM Serial Adapters

Bill Sherman What’s the current loop sender do? Convert RS-232 to current loop? I had to connect up the old IBM-XTs and ATs to the IBM daisywheel printers from Displaywriters. The XTs and ATs with ISA bus had a serial adapter card that supported current loop on the normally unused pins of the bottom row

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2021-05-01 IPBES – Key Points, Climate Action Tracker

I got these links from this JHAT video. << Marine and terrestrial ecosystems are the sole sinks for anthropogenic carbon emissions, with a gross sequestration of 5.6 gigatons of carbon per year (the equivalent of some 60 per cent of global anthropogenic emissions). >> This is also from JHAT Quote from <<

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2021-04-28 Biden’s Approval Rating NOT “Lowest In American History” From FB Quote: “It’s pretty clear most Republicans made up their minds long ago and won’t change them, regardless of how well Biden does. Just like they decided to worship Trump and nothing — not his incompetence, his ignorance, his criminality, his treason — changed their minds. Whatever motivates them is far deeper than

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2021-04-21 Trump Admin Stopped Investigations Of Police Dept’s Misconduct

The Trump admin under Atty General Jeff Sessions stopped the Obama admin’s pattern and practice investigations of police departments discriminatory and unconstitutional misconduct. Then senator Kamala Harris brought this up in senate hearings in 2020. Another Trump admin bad deed that “made America worse again”.

2021-04-12 Faces Of Greed: The Walton Family Of Walmart

The Walton family — the richest in the US — and Walmart are taken to task by Bernie Sanders.

2021-04-08 My Stray Dog Story

FB comment My neighbors put leftovers and table scraps in a dog dish on the back porch for their pooch. Times were tough in the ’70s and the neighborhood had houses boarded up because the buyers defaulted on their loans and were evicted or skipped town. But they just left their pets with the house.

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2021-03-19 Thomas A. Edison’s Legacy

This was from a FB comment I made in Sept 2016. Watson Fixer There was nothing false about Edison’s legacy, unless you consider electrocuting elephants false. Many if not most of Edison’s ideas failed to become inventions. But his invention factory was so prolific that the successful inventions were large in number and importance. In

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2021-03-18 Stupid Versus Clueless

Ooooh! Them are fightin’ words! I used to say that too, back when this same meme was a favorite on the Usenet newsgroups, the 1990s forerunner of Facebutt. But it got a lot of people riled up because we called them stupid. Well, the geeks and nerds came with “haven’t got a clue.” That sounded

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