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2021-04-07 Commentary On Republicans’ Use Of Voter Fraud To Justify Restrictive Voter Laws

It’s plainly obvious that the Republicans are using the false narrative of voter fraud to justify their passing restrictive voter laws in Republican controlled states. The prime example of this is Georgia, where organizations are threatening to leave the state because the governor signed a new voter law. The Republicans are now lashing back at

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2020-10-10 Federal Voting Laws We MUST Have

Some of the states have laws that were obviously made to restrict the ability of voters to cast their ballots. Texas has tried to limit the number of ballot collection boxes to a single ballot box per county. The justification was that it would limit the chances of fraud. This is, to me, absurd. Apparently

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2020-07-04 4th Of July – Voter Fraud And Racism Of The Most Pernicious Kind

Lots of fireworks going off after 9 PM. The City of Orange prohibits sales and use of any fireworks. The fireworks shows have all been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. But right now it doesn’t seem like any of that is true, fireworks are going off all over the town. Big fireworks! Boom! Boom! Pop,

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