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2022-04-01 LFP Batteries Almost As Good As NMC

Article gives Wh/kg for new LFP and cobalt free batteries. The recent excessive high price of nickel is causing the industry to reduce or avoid it. Also eliminating cobalt. The future batteries may become dependent on phosphate, of which 70% of the world supply is in Morocco.

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2022-03-24 LFP To Dominate 3TWh Battery Storage By 2030

2021-07-31 New Tesla Model Produced In Shanghai?

Rumor said that Tesla’s new low priced – $25,000 – “model 2” or whatever it will be called will be produced on GF Shanghai. It will be based on the model 3. To reduce the cost of the battery pack, which is the most expensive part of the car, the cells will have to be

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