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2023-07-26 Tesla Cybertruck Caught Outside Gigafactory Texas

Thanks, Joe! Joe Tegtmeyer’s 26 July 2023 Construction Update Video, at time 29:52, caught a newly manufactured Cybertruck outside Gigafactory Texas. The “machine that makes the machines” is now making Cybertrucks, and we can expect to see many more of them as they ramp up production and Cybertrucks come off the line. Those with reservations

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2023-06-20 Bureaucracy – California vs. Texas

I agree that there is a lot of bureaucracy in California. But it’s there for a reason – many reasons. I think Texas will eventually be the same way when their population continues to grow.

2021-05-02 Solar Replacing Nuclear, Photo Of Inside GF Texas – Best In Tesla Video

At 14:23 Lars explained that they said in the Tesla quarterly report that the nuclear power plant including the safety zone land around it is big enough to hold a solar plant that will generate the same amount of power. So why not build solar farms instead of nuclear power plants? This brings to mind

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