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2022-07-18 Investing In Plant-based Alternatives Cuts Climate Emissions

I have warned people that they are going to have to give up eating so much meat; it’s critical to cutting GHGs. 😥

2022-07-15 Vultures Rewilding Ecosystem In Bulgaria

Along with , forests, croplands and grasslands, grasslands in the EU absorbed 263 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year. That’s around 4 and 1/2 times the total annual emissions of Bulgaria in 2019. The EU is looking to restore more land to raise that number to over 310 million tons by 2030. Globally,

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2022-07-11 Open Letter To White Evangelicals

[Taken from an email from Eva.] An open letter to white evangelicals: We’re done with you. By North Carolina Pastor John Pavlovitz Dear White Evangelicals, I need to tell you something: People have had it with you. They’re done. They want nothing to do with you any longer, and here’s why: They see your hypocrisy,

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2022-07-05 Floating Solar Arrays – Research Needed

I came up with an idea but it needs further research. Floating solar photovoltaics or “floatovoltaics” are being installed on bodies of water worldwide. There is a synergy between the array and the water: the array stays cooler and therefore generates more electricity due to higher efficiency. And much of the water is covered and

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2022-07-05 Trump Broke Laws, Nothing Happened

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2022-07-02 Enough EV Batteries For All EVs By 2035?

The EU is going to prohibit new gas cars by 2035. But they question whether there will be enough batteries for EVs in 2035. They mentioned Lithium iron phosphate and sodium ion batteries. But they failed to state the obvious! The law doesn’t say everyone must buy a battery EV. They failed to even mention

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2022-07-01 SROCC – Delays Will Cost Many Times More

I watched the video of the press conference on SROCC. What he said is that if the CC deniers delay the changes needed to halt climate change, it’s going to cost many times the amount needed to fix the mess later. “… Over time, paying for climate related damages is much more – several fold

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