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2022-04-23 $1M Prize For Pyrolysis System To Remove CO2

The pyrolysis system sequesters CO2 in biochar, which is used to enrich the soil. The $1M prize is going to them for building a plant that will soon be online.

2022-04-22 Reasons For The Chip Shortage

ASML makes equipment for leading edge chips, so later there may be a shortage of those; see this article. But I find it amusing that they’re salvaging trailing edge (older) chips from washing machines to reuse for other purposes. But this article explains in detail how the chips are made and why they’re having

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2022-04-21 We Must Put The Planet Before Profit

Newsletter quote << The Guardian ‌ ‌ ‌ Down to Earth We won’t cut meat-eating until we put the planet before profit Damian Carrington The argument over renewable energy has been won – it’s clean, it’s cheap and is a vital part of ending the climate crisis. But, by contrast, the debate over action to

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2022-04-20 Are You Paying For A Worthless Gas Plant?

Every consumer should understand this very important article about the economic reality of building a gas fired power plant. The term Stranded Asset should be explained. The electric power producers are not making decisions that are in the best interests of their customers and shareholders. The banks should be required to finance new fossil fuel

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2022-04-20 Philips Ultra Efficient LED Light

Big Clive tears down and reverse engineers a Philips ultra efficient light bulb. It’s 60 watts equivalent but draws only 4 watts. It has a color rendering index of only 80, and costs about ten Pounds UK or about $13 US. This uses 8 filament strings of LEDs and the filament string drops about 200

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Wind Turbines Can Stabilize The Grid “Base”

It’s about time they *prove* that those cynics who claim that “the grid will never be able to run without fossil fuel plants” are just telling pants-on-fire lies! Demonstration of “virtual synchronous generator”.

2022-04-18 NRDC “Save The Forest” Destroying It With Junk Mail

I see donate ads for NRDC and some of what they do is worthy so I donate on occasion. Then I get these hypocritical junk mail letters asking to “save the forest” while they are destroying the forests with tons of junk mail letters, most of which will end up in landfills. Then they declare

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2022-04-18 Nuclear Power – The Facts

Link to long article: A quote from this article: << Despite its reputation, nuclear energy has a number of advantages. It’s not only carbon-free, it’s emissions free. It produces tremendous amounts of power with a very small area footprint. It can be sited in any region. And, surprisingly, it has the lowest per kilowatt death

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2022-04-18 Roe V Wade And Making Abortions Illegal

Before the Roe v Wade decision, states had laws that made abortions illegal. Occasionally, in the newspaper I would read the news that a woman had died from septicemia (blood infection) after receiving an illegal abortion. Back then both state and federal laws made marijuana illegal. But that didn’t prevent many younger people from growing

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2022-04-17 Sources Of Greenhouse Gases

This authoritative source explains the sources of greenhouse gases. I was surprised about nitrous oxide. Quote: << Human activities are responsible for almost all of the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere over the last 150 years.1 >> Overview: It has a link to an annual report “Inventory of US greenhouse gas emissions

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