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2022-02-28 Who Is Behind Qanon?

Who is behind Qanon?

2022-02-27 Recycle Wind Turbine Blades

This YouTube video shows how Veolia and others are recycling wind turbine blades. Veolia makes cement kiln fuel from them. They said that even if the blades ended up in landfills they are only 1/8 of the problem of plastic waste in landfills.

2022-02-27 Caps Wiki – Repairing Electronics

Caps Wiki – a place for you to share your repair notes. I like the idea. I’m wondering if I have the patience to spend the extra time.

2022-02-26 Carbon Removal, Sequestration From Sea Water

UCLA is researching a method of removing CO2 from sea water, where it is much more concentrated than in the atmosphere. This also makes hydrogen which can be used to power the plant. Shows diagram and gives a link to research.

2022-02-25 Shark Skin Saves Airliner Fuel

A shark-like skin can cut drag and save airlines 1% in fuel.

2022-02-25 SMR “Too Late, Too Risky” – Report

A quote from this IEEFA report: << The small modular reactor (SMR) that Oregon-based NuScale Power has been developing since the turn of the century is “too late, too expensive, too risky, and too uncertain,” according to an analysis conducted by an American think tank that recommends the project be abandoned. Best estimates are that

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2022-02-25 Drought: Calif Farmers Get No Water

The megadrought in California’s Central Valley has left no water to be allocated.

2022-02-25 Methane Leaks Are 70% Worse Than Reported

“Methane leaks are killing us”

2022-02-24 Lithium Below Salton Sea

There are millions of metric tons of lithium in the brine below the Salton Sea. There is a geothermal power plant there that uses the hot brine.

2022-02-24 ILSR – States Community Power Scorecard

ILSR states community power scorecard gives a letter grade to how the states score on community power. Some states score poorly even though they have changed to renewables. Utilities are greedy and don’t the state to allow the DERs – distributed energy resources, AKA net metering. Also see California NEM 3.0.

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