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Rooftop Solar Makes S. Australia Hit Negative Demand

Rooftop solar makes South Australia the world’s first gigawatt-scale system to hit negative demand. One thing that angers me is that they said they may have to shut off some rooftop solar to cut back the supply. That “curtailment” should be made illegal. The law should require that all excess renewables generation be used to

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2021-11-30 The Future Of Cars Is Electric

Veritasium video on YouTube.

2021-11-30 Elec Transmission Lines Needed Urgently – Oliver

This article emphasizes that electric transmission lines are needed to connect US consumers to zero emission electricity. Adult comedian John Oliver gives us the whole story.

2021-11-29 Water Pipe From Eastern To Western US This article is about building an aqueduct from the Eastern to the Western US where the drought is very bad. The experts say it’s impractical and would cost too much – a trillion dollars or more. An alternative would be to build desalination plants along the coast and pipe the pure water inland to

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2021-11-28 Battery Plant Construction At Giga Texas

From reply on FB group TSLA… Lee Davies The building where the cathode materials will be made is nothing but a field with the steel beams in piles waiting to be built into the cathode plant. It will take a year to build it and get it up and running. The building behind Joe is

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2021-11-28 Challenges Of Green Hydrogen Economy

The challenges in pursuit of a green hydrogen economy.

2021-11-27 Electrostatic Machines Website

This website has a huge amount of electrostatic machine projects. Wimshurst, electrophorus, Van De Graaf, and much more.

2021-11-27 Hypertensives Taking Rx’s That Increase B.P.

Many people with hypertension are taking drugs that increase their blood pressure. Antidepressants are one drug.

2021-11-26 Coop Dumps Monopoly For Solar

Kit Carson coop dumped the Tri-State G&T in order to go full daytime solar. Tri-State’s onerous contract requires a withdrawal penalty fee, but the solar will still be cheaper.

2021-11-26 New 600MW Solar + Battery In Texas

A new billion dollar 600 MW solar + 400 MW, 800 MWh battery storage plant will be built near Uhland, TX in 2022. This is just down the road from Giga Texas.

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