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2021-11-28 Challenges Of Green Hydrogen Economy

The challenges in pursuit of a green hydrogen economy.

2021-11-27 Electrostatic Machines Website

This website has a huge amount of electrostatic machine projects. Wimshurst, electrophorus, Van De Graaf, and much more.

2021-11-27 Hypertensives Taking Rx’s That Increase B.P.

Many people with hypertension are taking drugs that increase their blood pressure. Antidepressants are one drug.

2021-11-26 Coop Dumps Monopoly For Solar

Kit Carson coop dumped the Tri-State G&T in order to go full daytime solar. Tri-State’s onerous contract requires a withdrawal penalty fee, but the solar will still be cheaper.

2021-11-26 New 600MW Solar + Battery In Texas

A new billion dollar 600 MW solar + 400 MW, 800 MWh battery storage plant will be built near Uhland, TX in 2022. This is just down the road from Giga Texas.

2021-11-25 Solar $4 Trillion By 2050 (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg projects that by 2050 the Solar industry will be a $4 Trillion market.

2021-11-25 CNN Fake News, Echo Chambers

Reply FB group Natan StevĂ©ns Why is it that everyone thinks I watch CNN? I don’t have cable TV! You criticize people for watching CNN. But tell us what we should be watching. Most critics are afraid to say what they use for their newsmedia. I think most of them are imprisoned in the echo

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2021-11-24 Learn About EV Battery Recycling

This 15 minute video “webinar”: Learn about EV battery recycling breakthroughs.

2021-11-23 Replace Germanium With Silicon Transistors

I also remember those projects that used the CK722 and 2N107. The last few years I have been repairing older transistor radios with germanium transistors. I have had a few of them with bad germanium output transistors, and I’ve replaced them with silicon PNP transistors, along with a change in base bias resistors. They work

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2021-11-23 Research, P Hacking

Is most research wrong? Odds of incorrect research, P hacking.

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