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2018-03-02 One Transistor AM Radio

FB group Building Transistor Radios In JF1OZL’s voluminous archive I found his version of a MW receiver.  It is labeled [2] …. MW-RADIO (see link).  He used a long wire antenna, and an IF transformer with the ceramic capacitor removed for the tuning coil.  He also said to use a ferrite loopstick, which is what

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2018-01-09 Regenerative Radios Are Too Difficult

For FB group Building Transistor Radios Bob Johansen After building several of the regenerative receivers, I think I figured out the reason why regens are so difficult.  The circuit has to do so much with very few parts.  If one part value is changed to improve one thing, it adversely affects something else.  The tickler

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2018-01-08 RF Oscillator For AM Band

For FB group Building Transistor Radios When I started building regen receivers, the first thing I found I needed was a simple  signal generator.  I have a function generator, but every time I want a different frequency, I had to readjust the controls.  So I built a few RF oscillators to put close to the

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