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2012-05-09 Small, Medium Signal Amps –

I came across this column in where the author discusses small signal and medium signal amplifiers.  This medium signal term is one that I’ve never heard used before, and I’ve read a lot of literature that uses the small and large signal terms.  I’ve heard the small signal term applied when an incremental term

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2012-04-05 Choosing Diodes for Joule Thiefs

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Note (from yesterday’s blog): I have seen many good Joule Thief projects mistakenly use the 1N4003 series rectifier, which is made for 50 or 60 Hz, and has a slow recovery time.  I have put a 1N4003 in parallel with a 1N4148, and found that the Joule Thief’s performance often drops.  This is because it

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