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2017-09-21 Kid Was Totally Into Telephone Central Offices

Posted to FB Antique Telephones group as a reply to Kevin J. Fitzgerald  I helped some students in our computer lab, and one high school kid, I think his name was Robert, was totally into phones.  He had written a Basic program that printed a list out, with the various exchanges in the 714 area

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2017-09-02 Switchboard At OCSD Regional Training Center (Sept 15)

From my comment on the FB group Bell Telephone  Pat Chicas I worked for RSCCD, which owns the Sheriffs Training Center.  Man, I would have loved to slap their hands!  The OCSD installed their phone system on prem, and we supplied the data circuits, so our patch cords and theirs shared the same patch panels

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2017-05-20 Telephone Line Kicker Meter

From a 2017-06-10 comment regarding a Weston capacitance meter on FB group vintage test equipment  Reminds me of the ” kicker” meters the phone techs used on the phone lines.  There was a polarity switch that reversed the pair, and the tech could tell about the line from the kick the meter needle gave when

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2016-06-16 Computer Microphone

I came across a schematic of a computer microphone from Circuit Exchange. This interested me because I have never had any success with using the microphone jack found on the back of desktop PCs. First off, the typical microphone jack seems to be a three conductor, 3.5 mm ‘headphone’ jack, with the tip being the

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2016-04-05 Solving The Junk Call Problem

For both of my cell phones, I receive far more junk ‘spam’ calls than legitimate calls.  I have reported hundreds of calls to do not, and I’ve seen no letup in the number of calls, if anything it has become worse. I believe that the telemarketing co’s get my name from a list of

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