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2013-11-12 LED Powers Joule Thief Flasher – More Info

In my earlier blog, yesterday I discussed using a 1 Farad capacitor to hold enough charge to run the flasher for several hours, from dusk to midnight or later.  I checked Mouser’s parts and found a 1F 2.5V capacitor from Bussman for about 2 dollars in single unit quantities.  Kind of expensive but cheaper in

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2013-11-11 LED As Solar Cell Powers Joule Thief Flasher

I’ve seen a lot of Xee2’s xee2vids on Youtube, but I don’t remember seeing this one before.  It’s dated Sept 2011, so it’s more than 2 years old.  The Joule Thief flasher obtains its power from four red LEDs connected in parallel, which are used as solar cells and charge a 10 thousand uF capacitor. 

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