2019-11-07 Audio Impedance Matching Box

I’ve often had to kloodge together an audio transformer, jacks and other stuff to make a medium impedance output match a low impedance headphone. But it turns into a mess of wires and parts dangling from a transformer. I thought about what I would do to make a box with the necessary stuff, like inputs, jacks, switches and outputs and jacks. But I just never got around to putting it onto paper or other form. I found something that gets much of what I was thinking to build, except I would add a few more stereo (TRS) jacks and RCA jacks, along with switches to put the stereo to mono and to put the headphone elements in series. So there is more to the box that I want to build than is shown here, but this is a very good start. This uses the popular Bogen T725 line matching transformer, available online or one similar to it.


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