2019-11-01 Microwave Motion Detector (BigClive)

Here is a good explanation of a microwave motion detector with a schematic.

A few important things:

This gadget detects *anything* that moves that interferes with microwaves. It isn’t limited to living bodies.

The microwaves will go through drywall or other insulating surfaces. It will be attenuated by glass, presumably because glass has lead and other RF absorbing materials in it.

The ones I bought are supposed to be 5.8 GHz, but I have measured them much lower, about 1.1 GHz. That makes them possibly illegal.

These can be used in a vehicle to trigger someone else’s Radar detector. Just watch out for quick braking cars! 😅😅😂😂

The more recent ones I got have a metal cover over the back, presumably to shield the rear areas and stop rear movement from triggering it.

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