2019-10-09 Not Enough Ports, Too Many Wall Jacks!

from FB group Bell Telephone…

This reminds me of one of the netheads in our dept. I get a request to connect an additional jack on the patch panel up to the switch. I go over to the IDF and find that all of the ports on all 3 of the 48 port switches were being used. So I forward the trouble ticket with the “all ports in use” back to the help desk, and they forward it to the netheads. The nethead gets it and looks at the switch stats and sees a port has no activity since the last powerup, 30 days ago. So nethead forwards it to me to use port 37. I go back over and disconnect the patch cord for port 37 from the patch panel and plug it into the jack that needs to be live. So far, everything is okay.

Two weeks later the help desk sends me a trouble ticket that some printer is not working, no one can print to it. You guessed it, that nethead had me disconnect a jack used for a working printer! Okay, I forward it back to netheads for them to resolve because there are too many piglets and not enough teats on mama hog!! 😫😫😣

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