2019-10-03 Fry’s Electronics Lied!

I had to go over near there so on the way home I stopped by Fry’s Electronics in Anaheim. I was shocked by the sparseness of the shelves, like they were not restocking many areas. It was afternoon and there were only two checkouts open, and of course there was a line of waiting people.

I looked at a sign that said “We will match internet prices” and to see store associate. I found a Samsung 32GB EVO micro SD card and they were marked $14.99, so I looked the model up on the internet and found Amazon was selling it for $8.00. So I took 2 and went to the checkout.

I showed the young guy the Amazon ad on my phone, he said let me check online and went to a workstation a few feet away. When he came back he looked at the Amazon ad and said, but this is being sold by this (some company name) and fulfilled by Amazon. I said, what are you telling me? He said, we can’t match that price. I said, why? He mumbled that it was company policy. So I said Sorry about that and walked out of the store.

I got home and looked for the same micro SD card on eBay since I’ve found that I can usually find items cheaper than Amazon on eBay. I found the same exact model number for $7.60, or if I buy two, I get a slight discount. So I bought the same two SD cards for half Fry’s price and free shipping, and they’ll be here by Oct 7.

So Fry’s is turning into a Radio Shack where stuff is overpriced. And they try to suck you into believing that you will get a cheaper price at the checkout counter. Then when you checkout, they will trick you and go back on their promise to match internet prices. If you ask why they’ll give you some lame excuse. I bet if I had showed the guy the ad from eBay, he would have given me a different lame excuse why he would not match the eBay price. It’s no wonder they aren’t as popular as they used to be.

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