2019-09-09 Zenith Royal 475 Information

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Zenith Royal 475 ARF project & service info links:




The Zenith factory schematic and PCB layout is located on page 185 of the Beitmans service literature which is freely available on-line: https://www.americanradiohistory.com/Archive-Rider/BEITMAN-SUPREME/Beitman-1961.pdf


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Usually the capacitors are the problem. There are only a few electrolytic capacitors on the Royal 500, and I assume it’s the same with the 475. Two are on the PC board and two are under the battery holder. The two on the PC board are the ones that affect the volume. One is on the volume control and the other is across the 220 or so ohm emitter resistor. The volume control is something like 3 to 5 microfarads. The one across the emitter resistor is 50 uF but 47 uF is the closest. The ones under the battery holder are 50 uF or 100 uF but 100 uF will work okay. There is enough room to put the newer and much smaller capacitors in other places. You can identify the electrolytic capacitors by the polarity signs, newer ones by a “-” minus sign, or some older ones may have a “+” plus sign.

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