2019-07-08 BigClive Fixes LED Floodlight With Solder

from YouTube video bigclivedotcom about fixing a LED floodlight. Half of the 100 LEDs went dark; he resoldered the LEDs and they all started working.

The non-conducting half was not using its half of the 25 mA, so the conducting half was probably running at nearly twice its normal current, or about 25 mA. Hopefully that didn’t shorten its life. Here in the USA the series strings of LEDs add up to half of the 240VAC LED bulbs, so it’s about 75 VDC or so. If there are no “power surges” (overvoltage faults) then these cheap LED bulbs should last a very long time.

The circuit is similar to this one.

I plugged in a Philips LED bulb almost 10 years ago and it’s been on 24/7 since then, except for several power outages lasting a few days. It has over 80 thousand hours on it and it’s still bright, but I don’t know if it’s dimmer because I had no way to measure the light output back then. It’s probably somewhat dimmer, but it still looks okay. My stamp of approval goes on the Philips LED light bulbs, they’re a reputable brand.

The circuit was similar to this one from ElectroBOOM.

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