2019-06-14 300 And 500 Telephone Set Networks

From FB group Bell Telephone … June 17

Dan Bottoms
I’ve opened up the network of a 500 set, and got my hands full of that bazillion centistokes (like tar!!) clear silicone snot that is inside. I think it finally ran off after leaving it out in the hot sun for a week. I knew that the nickel sized varistors acted like an automatic volume control so that short and long loops have about the same volume level. Amazing how Ma Bell managed to do such a good job of solving a complex problem with such a simple part. But why they put all that silicone snot in there is beyond me. I don’t remember seeing any of that gunk in AE sets.

As for 300 sets, I’ve never had the opportunity to examine their innards – they’re too collectible. A friend has the old wooden wall phones and I have seen their innards, including the coil that has a core made of short lengths of iron wires in a bundle. Simple yet effective. 👍

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