2019-06-09 Strange 3 Conductor Crossconnect Wire

from FB group Bell Telephone… Jun 11

I’ve seen this 3 wire crossconnect wire, but I can’t remember where. Long ago we had racks of datacomm with a patch panel with patch cords. We used 3 wires of four wire IW, one wire for common, one for transmit and one for receive. These were for RS-232 unbalanced signal levels.

I often removed the old 3 wire IW from the apartments: green, red and yellow just like the old 3 wire cords used before modular connectors. So there were some uses for 3 wire crossconnect wire in the field.

The thought just occurred to me that I may have seen it used for the 1A2 systems, for connecting the power supply up. One wire for common, one for the -DC and one for some other voltage, maybe 10VAC or ringer? Or maybe it was for the boxes that were on the backboards, for the interface card for the Telco to administer the four wire, full duplex analog data circuits. The tech would use 3 wire to connect the AC adapter to the box – 2 wires for the 24 VAC and one for ground.

Shane Young
The Telco techs who installed datacomm were “innovative” in that they would not always adhere to standard practices. They might use two pair and twist both wires of one pair together, making it a 3 conductor. They might take a roll of this 3 wire and screw it to the backboard using a mushroom, because they had extra rolls on their truck that weren’t used, and they figured why waste a whole roll of good crossconnect wire in a customer’s MPOE when they can use this junky wire that no one wants to pilfer (steal). 😁

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