2019-05-30 Does Fiber Cable Last Forever

from FB group Bell Telephone of.. May 30

Alan H. Immerman
Well, underground, in a duct, the fiber and the plastic conduit looks like it was installed yesterday when it’s dug up a dozen or more years later. There is no weathering or UV deterioration underground. But then there are vermin that can chew up the fiber cable, but I’ve never seen that happen with the black underground cable. They make it tough, and the duct protects it more. I guess the guy was right. He said that fiber cable was easier to cut than copper, but it also takes much less time to repair. The networks are only as weak as their weakest link, so it’s important to make sure the fiber network has redundancy – it should be designed in a ring so a single break anywhere will not take it out of service. And it’s common for fiber cables to get upgraded to higher capacity before they get old. Just pull out the old and put in new.

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