2019-05-02 Regen Using PN2222A Connected Backwards

from FB group Regenerative Rcvr Initiative May 3

Cyril Hodson
Superregen receivers are always past the point of regenerative amplification. The AGC for a Regen should keep the regen high but prevent it from oscillating.

I was thinking that a CdS photocell could be put in series with the Regen pot, and light from a LED would shine on the photocell. The LED would be driven by the rectified and filtered signal from the detector.

I’ve had poor success with regens, and I recently read a project that may have the answer as to why my regens are so bad. One ham said that another Regen builder connected a PN2222A backwards (swapped E and C) so that it would have low gain. This makes it regenerate much smoother. All these years I’ve been under the invalid idea that higher gain is better. Another way to approach this is to use a JFET which has lower gain than a BJT.

David Wayne Cripe
Grounded base is low impedance input and high impedance output and some of the loss of gain is from mismatch of impedances. But what’s really good about grounded base is the input is isolated from the output, so it keeps the regen signal from coming out of the antenna. 👍

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