2019-04-25 Philco History

from FB group Vintage Transistor Radios April 26

I was always curious why Philips didn’t use their brand name in the US. Now I know.
From wikipedia.org/wiki/Philco

“The company (as well as the Sylvania brand name) was acquired from GTE by Philips in 1981 so that Philips could gain the rights to use its trademark in the United States. Philco had been able to keep Philips from using its trademark because of the similar-sounding names, so Philips had sold its products in the United States under the name “Norelco”. Philips continues to use the Philco name for promotional consumer electronics and has licensed the name for private brands and retro-style consumer electronics. Philips also licensed the Philco brand name to Funai for digital converter boxes for analog TVs in the USA.[42]”

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