2019-04-02 History: Part Of City Of Orange Evacuated

From FB group Orange Talk April 3

That huge tank has got what looks like a refrigeration unit on its end. There are some chemical plants that use those for storing chemicals that are very dangerous.

Decades ago we had a bad windstorm and the power went out in the industrial area where the railroad tracks cross Katella, near Home Depot. There was a big tank like that next to the RR tracks, and it started overheating because the refrigeration had no power. The Fire Department came and turned their hoses on the tank to keep it cool. The chemical in the tank would release poison gas if it got too hot. The police came downwind of the tank with their loudspeakers telling everyone to evacuate. I went to the shopping center where Smart and Final is at 10 AM and the parking lot was empty and all stores were closed! I asked someone and they said everybody evacuated. 😲😲😲

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