2019-02-11 The College IT Datacomm System

from FB group Bell Telephone…


After the early ’80s when the RBOCs created the MPOE, all their wiring on campus became ours, and we never got any records from them of what was in the ground. On top of that we had a contractor come and install gel filled telephone cable along with ITV RG-6 coax in conduits separate from the telecom. This was just for datacomm. We ran RS-232 signals over 1200 feet of hundreds of twisted pairs, up to 2400bps, and 9600 bps with line driver boxes, multidropped. I was responsible for maintaining and upgrading all that, while AT&T took care of telecom and Pac Bell did the KSUs and keysets. I didn’t inherit the phone system until later, 1991. 😎

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