2019-02-05 Floating Detector Diodes Are Not A Good Design.

from FB group Building Transistor Radios 2019-02-05

Graeme Heal
Aaron Cake has a lot of good circuits and projects. But this one uses the ‘floating detector diode’ with no DC return path, so the circuit will only work if the diode’s leakage current provides the discharge. That means the diode must be germanium, not silicon, for it to work. But germanium diodes are getting more difficult to find, and they are selling silicon Schottky diodes as ‘1N34’ or ‘1N60P’ and these have almost no leakage current and will not work.

It has always been poor design to depend on the diode’s leakage current, but nowadays with germanium diodes being so rare it’s a design that won’t work at all.


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