2019-01-10 The Ninth Anniversary Of The Philips LED Candelabra Lamp

On Jan 11, 2010 I connected a Philips candelabra lamp to the AC line and turned it on, and for the last nine years it has been running continually, except for a few days time when the power was out, which might add up to a few days, probably less than a week. I did this test because there were several companies giving LED lights a bad name by selling lights that would go dim after less than a thousand hours. I was sure that Philips was not one of those companies so I used a Philips light for the test. Philips LED lights, and any LED lights were expensive in 2010. The prices for 60 watt equivalent LED lights were $20 or more. The prices have come down dramatically since then, and the LED lights have contributed substantially to the reduction of electricity usage.

So 24 hours times 365 times 9 years gives 78,840 hours, and to cover the days of power outages I’ll round it down to 78,600 hours. Most LED lights say they will last 25 thousand hours but some LED makers said the LEDs themselves should last for 100 thousand hours. My LED light is still bright after 3 times its 25,000 hour lifetime. The light has gone more than 3/4 of the way to the hundred thousand hour mark.

In 2010 I didn’t have a luxmeter to measure the light’s output, so I tried to measure it with an old GE light meter for photography. But it didn’t give an accurate reading and it doesn’t work anymore. I can only give a guesstimate by eyeball. There has been some drop in the light output but it still looks bright.

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