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2022-05-27 XR Comment About Rainforest

<< I would like to offer a small correction though we know, that the principle driver of Amazon destruction is not fossil fuels but direct clearing and burning of the forest by ranchers seeking new pastures for their cattle and for monocrops like soy, primarily for export as feed for farmed animal animals and fish.

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2022-05-26 Upcycling Silicon Waste From Solar Panels Into Thermoelectrics

Article about upcycling silicon waste from end-of-life solar panels into thermoelectric cells.

2022-05-26 Carbon Capture Needed To Meet 1.5 Deg. C.

Carbon capture needed to meet 1.5 deg. C.

2022-05-25 AQMD Pays $250 For Home Charger

The So. California AQMD will pay up to $250 for a level 2 charger (similar to a dryer outlet) to homeowners. Also more or less $, refer to the link for more information.

2022-05-25 DoE SETO: Solar Must Double In Next 3 Years

Let’s get going! Time is wasting! It’s got to be done ASAP! << The US Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) said in order to meet 2035 targets, solar deployment has to double in the next three years, and ultimately ramp up to 100 GW by 2035. >>

2022-05-25 California Battery Storage

2022-05-24 High Energy Battery Lasts For 100 Years

This research from Canadian Dalhousie U. and Jeff Dahn says they developed a high energy density battery that could last for 100 years. The energy density is better than LFP cells. The problem is that it requires cobalt, nickel.

2022-02-24 Oil Co’s Violated Human Rights In Philippines

This may give some legal pressure on Big Oil to stop violating the Earth’s climate rights.

2022-05-23 More Concentrated Solar Must Be Installed

I believe that more concentrated solar systems should be installed. The one I’m talking about is the trough reflectors that heat the fluid that is stored in insulated tanks and can keep running the generators after sunset. These solve the energy storage problem, especially when the day might be cloudy or raining. There is a

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2022-05-22 Medicare

Brian Tyler Cohen regarding Medicare

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