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2021-12-28 EV Supply Chain Carbon Emissions Much Lower Than ICEVs

The electric vehicle supply chain carbon emissions are lower than ICE vehicles, study shows.

2021-12-27 13 Battery Factories To Be Built In US

There will be (at least) 13 new battery factories to be built in the US by 2025. They forgot to count Tesla’s GF Texas battery manufacturing plant. The biggest problem is to get the raw materials. That is establishing the supply chains for lithium, nickel, cobalt graphite, to name a few. And for LFP

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2021-12-27 OMG! China To Install 1200GW Solar & Wind By 2026!!

OMG! China is expected to install 1200 GW of solar and wind by 2026! To give you an idea of how huge an amount that is, the total electric generation for the United States is about 1200 GW! That is an enormous amount! Quote from article: << China is expected to install 1,200 GW of

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2021-12-26 Death Of California Rooftop Solar?

This guy goes over the changes when NEM 3.0 takes effect in 2022. The smaller bill with lower solar power will be at a disadvantage and there will be a disincentive to get rooftop solar. In other words the owner will save minimal or no money over the lifetime of the system. Also the solar

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2021-12-26 Space Based Solar Arrays

My comment from JHAT of this date with subject of space based solar power stations I pose the question: Should we (humans) collect solar power and beam it down to Earth by microwave or laser? The answer, and I quote, is “No. Don’t be ridiculous.” Are you serious? Who in their right mind would attempt

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2021-12-24 Renewables Vs Fossil Fuels: VALCOE

Engineering with Rosie dives into the VALCOE – value adjusted levelized cost of energy. This is adjusted for time of use – most solar is available only during daylight hours. She uses a car race analogy to compare the solar, onshore wind, coal and gas. Solar and wind win the race. One thing I

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2021-12-24 Small Scale Solar: Calif Leads with 10+ GW

California leads with more than 10 GW, many times that of second place. Texas and Florida are adding a lot more. The incentives are important! They don’t say, but I assume that this includes ‘behind the meter’ rooftop solar.

2021-12-24 3 Solar Farms In Riverside Co. On Federal Land

The Biden administration is approving 3 large solar PV farm projects on BLM lands in Riverside County, California. These utility scale projects total nearly 1 Gigawatt capacity. Up to 25 more will be built in other states.

2021-12-23 Tesla Secures Graphite Anode Material

Tesla secures a supply of graphite battery anode material from Syrah Ltd., An Australian company which is building a plant in Vidalia, Louisiana.

2021-12-22 E.I.A Resistor Color Code

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