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2021-05-23 Pumped Hydro Without Rivers Or Dams

Article about pumped hydro storage that does not involve dams or rivers. I believe it would be best to cover the reservoirs with solar panels to minimize water evaporation and at the same time keep the solar panels cooler to maximize their efficiency. There are other advantages such as reducing the area used by solar

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2021-05-22 RethinkX Rethinking The Future

In this hour YouTube video Tony Seba (RethinkX) talks about TaaS after the 37 minute point. He predicts 95% of passenger miles by TaaS in 2030. The car fleet will shrink 70%.

2021-05-21 GF Texas, Hundreds Of Model Y Castings

FB group TSLA Shareholders I see xxx is hurting the stock price. Or yyy is going to help the stock price. The stock price is going to go anywhere or nowhere depending on the whims of investors. We as individuals don’t collectively have the money to make much difference in the long run. So just

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2021-05-21 Green Hydrogen And 100% Renewables Plus Storage

The halting of climate change requires that fossil fuels be replaced; the CO2 must be stopped from entering the atmosphere. The consensus is to build wind and solar farms to generate electricity instead of using fossil fuels. Since renewables are intermittent, there must be some way to store and supply electricity when renewables are not

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2021-05-21 Bubonic Plague “Survival Of The Fittest”

This research shows that no matter how bad the pandemic is, there are always survivors.

2021-05-21 Hydrogen Is Inefficient??

From FB group reply Andrew Roddy You failed to state the obvious. Hydrogen, despite its inefficiencies, is more efficient in FCEVs than fossil fuel in ICEVs. And its distinct advantage for heavy transportation is the refueling time can be the same as fossil fuels. See charts below. One more pro for hydrogen efficiency, see this

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2021-05-20 Hydrogen Pro’s, Con’s, And Why’s

From FB group TSLA Shareholders Doug Halkenhauser You said, “…[hydrogen] is worse on every single metric.” Am I supposed to believe you, or the other major car makers Toyota, Honda and Hyundai??? It’s obvious that your claim is being ignored by the companies that are important. If you were to talk to those tens of

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2021-05-20 Unions Blamed For The Downfall Of Detroit

From FB group TSLA Shareholders Kevin McGarvey Said, “How can you defend [Detroit’s] collapse / support of unions…” I don’t support unions, but I won’t stand for blaming the wrong group for the social problems of a large city. This goes far, far past what the unions do. The car companies have been corporately irresponsible,

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2021-05-19 Trump Org. Now Under Criminal Investigation

Trump Organization is under criminal investigation by the NY attorney general. This made the headlines of the mainstream news media, but they all pandered to the Trumplicans by saying that Trump called it a something-or-other. Well, I’m sick of hearing what that clown has to say – I can state without a doubt the best

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2021-05-19 Hydrogen Must Be Fossil Fuel Free ASAP

From YouTube comment The third most important thing (after air and water) is food, and agriculture uses huge amounts of hydrogen in making fertilizer. Now, the hydrogen is made using fossil fuels, mostly methane, and the fossil fuels must be eliminated ASAP. The hydrogen must be made by other than fossil fuels and the governments

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