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2021-03-23 Dirty Dave’s Fish Aquarium

I just saw on FB an empty box on store shelf labeled invisible tape. No wonder the box looks empty! 🙄😂 This reminded me of Dirty Dave – he was a painter so he picked up that name because his clothes were speckled with paint. One day at his apartment he said here, have a

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2021-03-23 Tesla Energy Plan In South Australia Virtual Power Plant with 50,000 new rooftop solar plus Powerwall installations.

2021-03-23 There Must Be Change To Fight Climate Change Conspicuous by their absence in the list of countries are the most populous countries – we know who they are. I truly believe that more will change if more become aware. That means a heavy dose of education, including using newsmedia, changing curricula in institutions of higher education, and indoctrinating upper management of large

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2021-03-23 Life After CoVID19 Isn’t Fair

From FB comment Seems that we already have most of those except term limits. Since Congress determines laws regarding their own term limits, it’s unlikely that will happen. The way that is most likely to happen is with a constitutional amendment. I’m not sure that drug screening before welfare would be of much help. If

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2021-03-22 LCOE Levelized Cost Of Energy – NREL

From FB reply Nuclear power plants are too expensive and are being taken out of service and decommissioned. The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station is being decommissioned at a cost of 4.4 billion dollars and will take 20 years. LCOE levelized cost of energy is how a utility judges its generating assets. Nuclear and conventional

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2021-03-20 Energy Harvest Website

Reply on FB group climate change Den Wilmeth Much of what this website says is valid, but no further information is given, such as references or where to buy the thing. For instance, you can already buy a solar roof with the shingles, not panels, from Tesla Energy. There is a renewables revolution happening, and

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2021-03-19 Thomas A. Edison’s Legacy

This was from a FB comment I made in Sept 2016. Watson Fixer There was nothing false about Edison’s legacy, unless you consider electrocuting elephants false. Many if not most of Edison’s ideas failed to become inventions. But his invention factory was so prolific that the successful inventions were large in number and importance. In

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2021-03-19 Russia Disinformation Laundered By Congressmen

Maloney (D) talks about declassified intelligence information that Russia used congressmen as “useful idiots” to launder (legitimize?) Their disinformation.


2021-03-18 Stupid Versus Clueless

Ooooh! Them are fightin’ words! I used to say that too, back when this same meme was a favorite on the Usenet newsgroups, the 1990s forerunner of Facebutt. But it got a lot of people riled up because we called them stupid. Well, the geeks and nerds came with “haven’t got a clue.” That sounded

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2021-03-18 Cat Conv Thief Killed By Car

Anaheim – catalytic converter thief gets killed by a Prius. Jenny Torres-Flores said it’s wrong to laugh at the death of a person Yes, you’re right. But… Schadenfreude!! We’re laughing at someone else’s misfortune! Those SOBs have made life miserable for so many people that we can’t help ourselves. Think about this. It’s wrong

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