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2021-03-27 Batteries Vs. Oil – Transport & Environment

This gives some important differences about well to wheel comparisons of BEVs and ICEVs. BEVs are much more efficient. Document (.PDF) is 2.4 MB.

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2021-03-27 Tesla, Camry & Audi 5 Year Costs Compared

Something I’ve mentioned: the ‘fuel’ costs for electric vehicles are much lower than gasoline.

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2021-03-26 Ignorance Is Power

The saying “Knowledge Is Power” has a corollary “Ignorance Is Power.” By this it is meant that politicians have power over people by keeping them ignorant. The politicians use the biased newsmedia to maintain the ignorance by spreading false information. The conflicts between “us” which they claim is the true news, and “them” which they

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2021-03-26 11 Million Unauthorized Immigrants

From PBS Newshour 2021-03-26 “60% of the estimated 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the US have lived in the country for a decade or more.”

2021-03-26 Old Phone System Decomissioned In Oklahoma

40,000 lines managed by a 10 U manager in a rack. 2 minute video.

2021-03-26 Breakthrough Liquid Metal Battery – Sadoway & AMBRI

A tutorial about Ambri’s liquid metal batteries “If you want your battery to be dirt cheap, make it out of dirt!” – Donald Sadoway LMBs are different. Sadoway says that the designers of Lithium-ion Batteries have to guard against thermal rise; The designers of liquid metal batteries have to guard against thermal fall.

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2021-03-25 Social Media Heads Testify In Aftermath of Jan 6th Capitol Riot

The heads of social media testified before Congress about the misinformation about CoVID19 vaccinations and other misinfo. This was a short video from PBS Newshour about it.

2021-03-24 We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

From a thread about what are the chances of intelligent life on other worlds outside of our solar system. Rick Flemming Why should anyone agree that “…the probability of life on other planets is greater than zero.” There is the thin sliver of the pie chart with *things we know*. The rest of the pie

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2021-03-24 The New 5G Is Safe

This should not be necessary to continually debunk a myth that should be dead.


2021-03-24 Tesla Disruptive Tech And Competition

From TSLA shareholders FB group Allen Madison One thing that I haven’t seen any information on is whether or not other carmakers will be replacing or expanding. If other carmakers replace existing ICE production with EVs, then there is no change in the number of cars that others produce. There are only so many customers

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