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2021-01-26 Tesla Stock To Grow 4x To $3500 — Cathie Wood

Yep. That’s what she predicts. And she’s most likely right. The whole stock market could drop like a rock and drag TSLA down with it. But everyone loses, not just Tesla. So it’s risky but worth the risk.

2021-01-26 Monkey Business


2021-01-25 Put Vets Before Illegals

From my FB reply: I don’t see why there has to be a choice between one or the other. I’m a veteran and I don’t believe any veteran should be mistreated or abandoned. The same with those who have suffered mistreatment or abandonment, many of whom are in the US illegally – there are more

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2021-01-245 TED: Eat Meat Less

Some good tips to transition to a low or no meat diet. The Earth needs you to help it feed more people and stop climate change. I also recommend Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book Eat To Live Or he also has some more recent books, also cookbooks. He explains how you can reduce high blood pressure,

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2021-01-23 Tesla Giga Texas Construction Map

From Joe’s video on this date. More diagrams here: Tesla’s video on 4680 battery The above drawing is from the south looking north. The following screenshot is from the north looking south.

2021-01-23 BitChute A Refuge For The Banned

Replies to FB Comments Jon HowlandThe “hidden boxes” election claim was debunked. They had it all on security cams and the part you see on the Fake News sites was edited to leave out the important parts that prove that the “hidden boxes” are a hoax. But you’re a true Trumpian and will never believe

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2021-01-23 Trump To Be Tried Feb. 8

The Trump impeachment trial has been rescheduled for February 8, time to give him to choose his legal team. Comments:: “It’s not about punishment, even if it’s so richly deserved. It’s about banning Trump from ever trying to destroy this country again.” “Without accountability, there is no true chance for change.” This could have been

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2021-01-22 Bloom & Samsung To Power Ships With Fuel Cells

In the future there are going to be ships using solid oxide fuel cells to replace generators. The propulsion engines will be replaced with electric motors powered by fuel cells, which will use green hydrogen. The future needs to be now, we must rush the transition to renewables and leave fossil fuels in the

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2021-01-22 NASA Info To Plant Trees

I think it’s the best way to remove carbon dioxide. This article makes some claims that the empress splendor tree is the best choice to sequester CO2. They grow in 7 to 10 years and produce hardwood. I wonder if this is a different name for paulownia trees.

2021-01-21 How The Sun Gives The Earth And Everything On It Life

Every second, by thermonuclear fusion, the Sun converts 564 million tons of hydrogen to 560 million tons of helium. Where did 4 million tons go? The 4 million tons that are missing are converted into energy – photons, including sunlight. This energy amounts to 380 billion Megawatts, or 380 million Gigawatts, or 380,000 Terawatts, or

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