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2020-12-22 Trump Has Lost Over 50 Lawsuits; Pardons

As of this date, Trump’s lawyers have lost over fifty lawsuits alleging there was fraud in the elections. I saw this on PBS Newshour. It’s being said that Trump’s lawsuits are causing the voters to have doubts about the validity of the democratic process, voting and electoral system in the US. The news on Dec

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2020-12-21 Tesla Is Stock Of The Year

The Street declares TSLA the Stock of the Year. Here is a short Tesla Daily interview (10.5 min. YouTube video) of Jim Cramer and Rob Maurer.

2020-12-20 Governator Wants Voting Rights Act

Arnold Schwarzenegger is on the record for legislating an updated Voting Rights Act. We need to stop big money from so much influence in the elections. Tens of billions of dollars are being spent on the elections.

2020-12-20 Trump Wants GA Governor To Overturn Election

It’s difficult to understand how a president could be so corrupt as to believe he could get the governor of Georgia to disobey the laws and overturn the electors decision to change votes for Biden to votes for Trump. I would think it should be a reason to prosecute the president for trying to break

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2020-12-20 Employers Can Bar Unvaccinated Employees

So there is one more “incentive” to be vaccinated. Let’s hope that this and public educational institutions requiring vaccination will bring up the percentage of vaccinations to well above the herd immunity level. I would assume — and expect — that vaccination exceptions would have to be signed by a doctor. Also I would expect

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2020-12-19 CIA-backed Death Squads Kill Afghani Children

An Intercept journalist explains that the US was trying to beat the Taliban into submission before peace talks.

2020-12-19 Tesla Should Buy Ford

This article discusses the reasons behind the author’s opinion. He says Ford has factories worldwide. He also believes the Ford heirs would not allow it. I think that Tesla would benefit from a deal with Ford for distributing Tesla cars. The author talks about acquiring Ford’s manufacturing facilities. But Tesla is already manufacturing cars in

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2020-12-19 Moonpie Starbox Ch. 22

So cute & funny!

2020-12-19 Talking Heads Saying Nothing Important

It’s easier to listen to others argue about molehills and get your jollies from taking sides… It’s easier than to look at both sides rationally and objectively and make the correct decision. Therefore we have nearly half the US voters staying ignorant, or worse yet, becoming misinformed, which is another way of saying brainwashed. If

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2020-12-19 CoVID19 Is Bad, Very Bad

Comment from Laleh Hariri From Covid-19 support group A number of people have asked me my thoughts on the coronavirus vaccines. Well, here I am this morning getting the first of my Pfizer shot series. Warning, wall of text to follow. This is my opinion, take it or leave it as you will. The science

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