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2020-07-11 DIY Off Grid Solar System

This is a YouTube video. This guy did a very good job of building an off-grid solar system. It’s transportable, uses four 100 watt panels, two 12V AGM batteries in parallel, can supply 120VAC pure sine wave at 2000 watts and costs under $1,900. This is an excellent video with plenty of details. He calls

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2020-07-11 Lawn Sprinkler System Losing Pressure?

I’ve been seeing the sprinklers reaching a smaller radius after several years, and brown spots between. I was thinking that it was caused by a clogged pipe. I also had some constantly leaky sprinklers that were causing the grass to become soggy and mushrooms were growing. Then I noticed my water bill was several tens

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2020-07-10 Bird Chirp Circuit Additions, Thoughts…

See my previous blog. The circuit runs off a photovoltaic cell that puts out approximately 3.85 volts during a sunny day. The chirps put a small load during the noises and the voltage changes very little, maybe .03 volt. I think the photovoltaic cell could drive a few LEDs without any problem. I thought it

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2020-07-09 Chirping Bird Circuit

I found this circuit at 5 or 6 different websites, all identical except some were in color, others not. The schematic and part values were all the same. I didn’t have a 1k CT to 8 ohm transformer (Radio Shack 273-1380) so instead I used a transformer with four 600 ohm windings and I tied

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2020-07-08 SCOTUS: Employers Health Plans No Longer Have To Pay For Contraceptives

The Supreme Court decided against the Obamacare law requiring employers’ health plans to pay for birth control. The employer must have religious or moral objections to birth control. This is not a major victory for Trumpism because the employee can find a job somewhere that doesn’t have an objection. There is the “externalities” or unintended

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2020-07-07 PG&E “Stranded Assets” Baloney

At the very end of this article << Meanwhile, California utility Pacific Gas & Electric has declared support for a potential statewide ban on natural gas in new buildings to “avoid investments in new gas assets” that might be left stranded by the state’s push for a zero-carbon economy by 2045. >> I think

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2020-07-06 Adam Kucharsky Explains How CoVID19 Spreads, Anti-Vaxxers

Kucharsky is an epidemiologist. This is a great 13.7 minute talk similar to Ted where he explains the four “D. O. T. S.” determine the R (reproduction) value. Start at the 4:10 point. An article on antivaxxers and CoVID19 They’re already starting to cause people to not want to vaccinate

2020-07-05 Livestock Causing Shrinking Colorado River Water Supplies

2020-07-08 This article tells how growing feed crops for livestock is using up 23% of the water. The large part of this water is used to grow the feed for the cattle. The northern part of Texas and Oklahoma are running dry because the underground aquifer is being depleted.

2020-07-04 4th Of July – Voter Fraud And Racism Of The Most Pernicious Kind

Lots of fireworks going off after 9 PM. The City of Orange prohibits sales and use of any fireworks. The fireworks shows have all been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. But right now it doesn’t seem like any of that is true, fireworks are going off all over the town. Big fireworks! Boom! Boom! Pop,

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2020-07-03 2025 4 European Countries Will Ban ICEs – Hyundai Nexo – Saudi Green Hydrogen

From Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle video #2 (2020-Jul 8) << By 2025, Norway, The Netherlands, France and the U.K. will ban new Internal Combustion Engines that run on gasoline. By 2040 the U.K. will ban sales of ICE and hybrid vehicles, too. >> Saudi Arabia will be home to the world’s largest green

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