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2020-05-08 Complex Relationship — What Things Really Are

I’m reading ’The Gene’ by Siddharta Mukherjee, an excellent book about how we are made — what makes us. I read the following paragraphs and it occurred to me that people don’t understand the importance of this. ******************* p.196 “The geneticist Antoine Danchin once used the parable of the Delphic boat to describe the process

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2020-05-04 Windows Backwards Compatibility With MSDOS

This 8 min YouTube video talks about why you can’t name a file CON in Windows 10 but after the 4 minute point he talks about being backwards compatible with earlier versions of Windows and even MSDOS which had to be used with Windows 3 and earlier. He points out that Excel still has a

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2020-05-03 Testing For Fake UV-C Sterilizing Lamps

There is a lot simpler test for UV-C using a green banana. See this blog. There are lots of UV lights being advertised on social media that use LED lights and claim to sterilize the Corona Virus. These are not putting out UV-C light which is necessary for killing germs. This video shows that

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2020-05-01 UFO Detector And Sighting!

Photo from ?? Thanks, Mike Guerrucci. This is a simple device. That means it’s just a buzzer and a battery. And it has a super sensitive magnetic switch. This detector is always open until it is disturbed by a magnetic field. They call it a magnetometer. One way to make this is to use a

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