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2020-02-07 Illegals Contribute Billions In Taxes

SAN DIEGO, CA – JANUARY 26: The Deportation and the separation of families is a major theme in the immigration reform debate. (Photograph by Charles Ommanney/Reportage by Getty Images) Individuals in the U.S. without documentation are believed to contribute $12 billion to local and state taxes, according to a new study.CHARLES OMMANNEY/GETTY IMAGES IMMIGRANTS ILLEGALLY

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2020-02-06 Royal 500H Alignment

From FB group This Zenith Royal 500H radio has the extra 8th transistor for the RF amplifier, so it should have excellent sensitivity and be able to pick up those weak stations. Most of the problems with old radios are with the electrolytic capacitors, but the Zeniths all use the carbon composition resistors and they

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2020-02-02 IC Logo List

This list seems to be mostly integrated circuits, but some semiconductor makers make discrete devices – transistors and diodes, for example Motorola.

2020-02-04 100W, 28V Soldering Iron

From fb group Decades ago I bought a 100W, 28V big old soldering iron for a dollar at a garage sale. I have it connected to a big old unregulated power supply. It works good for the very seldom times I need that much heat. I could do stained glass windows with that beast!

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