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2019-12-30 Plata 7 Transistor AM Radio Repair

From FB group Vintage Transistor Radios I rehabilitated this Plata 7 transistor AM radio made by Shirasuna Denki in Japan. I replaced the electrolytic capacitors, and I found that one of the germanium output transistors was shorted. I replaced both with silicon PNP transistors (the screwdriver tip on the right points to the two). Above

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2019-12-25 PSO Phase Shift Oscillator On Youtube

Merry Christmas… From FB … Dec 24 I found the video I watched and built the circuit a while ago. This is a PSO, phase shift oscillator. If you look at the wiki for a PSO you will see that it typically has three CR elements to shift the phase (the last is a combination

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2019-12-24 Sad, Sad, Sad

Merry Christmas… I switched website providers more than a year ago. This week the company suddenly went out of business and everything on my blog is gone.

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