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2019-10-21 Testing Transistor In Circuit

From FB group Vintage Transistor Radios James Ault Adam Bernhardt Maurice Wright is right. The tester puts DC through the device and measures its current gain. But when it’s in circuit it is amplifying AC such as audio or RF, and that’s not what a typical tester does. Any experienced tech will tell you that

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2019-10-12 RF Oscillator Won’t Make A Sine Wave, Only Sawtooth

I wanted to make an RF Oscillator that puts out a sinewave at about 734 kHz, which uses two convenient values, 100 uH coil and 470 pF capacitor. I used the toroid core with 16 turns of 30 AWG wire, with a tap at 4 turns then later 8 turns. I built the circuit in

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2019-10-09 Not Enough Ports, Too Many Wall Jacks!

from FB group Bell Telephone… This reminds me of one of the netheads in our dept. I get a request to connect an additional jack on the patch panel up to the switch. I go over to the IDF and find that all of the ports on all 3 of the 48 port switches were

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2019-10-07 Zenith Royal 500H Troubleshooting

I got this from eBay, it doesn’t make any sound at all. It has a small crack in one corner but the case is otherwise okay. The screw on the bottom is corroded but the battery holder is in halfway decent shape. It needs a bit of cleaning, the metal is a bit tarnished but

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2019-10-05 Huge Corcom Filters For RFI

from FB group post to Building Transistor Radios 2019 Oct 5 I spent quite a bit of time adding filtering to my 0 to 30VDC, 10A SMPS to get rid of the RF interference. It was successful, I got rid of most of it, but not all. So I think I found the solution. This

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2019-10-03 Fry’s Electronics Lied!

I had to go over near there so on the way home I stopped by Fry’s Electronics in Anaheim. I was shocked by the sparseness of the shelves, like they were not restocking many areas. It was afternoon and there were only two checkouts open, and of course there was a line of waiting people.

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2019-10-02 Biolite Review by Crazy Russian Hacker

Crazy Russian Hacker reviews the BioLite, it’s a small stove that has a thermopile (copper rod) that is in the fire and generates enough electric power to power a fan, a light and charge the phone from a USB port.

2019-10-01 Renewable Energy Denial I left a Comment: This myths list makes no room for solutions, it ignores what is already being done to address many of its concerns. The claim about the Mojave Desert is one example. California is leading the way to making renewables a major part of the energy consumed. Hundreds of thousands of homes

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