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2019-09-30 RF Modulator

For the oscillator I used the Hartley oscillator circuit that is used in the Eico 330 signal generator. I didn’t need any of the range switches – I left that out. It used MPS6513 transistors which are cheap but very uncommon – I can’t remember ever seeing them in any schematics or in PC boards.

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2019-09-27 Phase Shift Oscillator For RF Signal Generator

2019-09-27 PSO I tack soldered the parts together for a PSO, and made modifications to get it go work at 500 Hz. My goal is to get a steady tone to use to amplitude modulate the RF signal generator that I have built (see this blog). The sine wave from this PSO is beautiful –

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2019-09-24 Climate Change More Expensive To Fix The Damage

from FB reply to a comment Sep 27 I watched the video of the press conference on SROCC. What he said is that if the CC deniers delay the changes needed to halt climate change, it’s going to cost many times the amount needed to fix the mess later. “… Over time, paying for climate

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2019-09-20 Thermonuclear Fusion And Fission, NPPs

from FB comment to Bill Bill Sherman When I was young, Thermonuclear fusion was “Twenty years until we have free energy.” When I was concerned about Y2K, Thermonuclear fusion was “Twenty years until we have free energy.” Now that I’m old, it’s Thermonuclear fusion was “Twenty years until we have free energy.” I’ll be long

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2019-09-16 Spy Satellite History

I have been reading the series about the spy satellites and their developments during the Cold War Era circa the 1960s and after. There was a lot of debate on whether or not to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on developing advanced spy satellites to spy on the Soviet Union and its satellite countries.

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2019-09-09 Zenith Royal 475 Information

more text below Zenith Royal 475 ARF project & service info links: The Zenith factory schematic and PCB layout is located on page 185 of the Beitmans service literature which is freely available on-line: ** also posted to FB group vintage transistor radios Usually the capacitors are the problem. There are

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2019-09-07 2 LED Lights On One Supply

I got some 10W warm white LEDs, and I have some cool white LED strips and they’re both running in parallel off the same 12V supply. But they’re not the same voltage so I had to do some experimenting. The 10W LED is actually a group of 3 by 3 in series – parallel on

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2019-09-05 Climate Change:: Both Sides Of The Story

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading both sides of the issue of Climate Change. The biggest thing that I get from this is that it’s much more complicated than the proponents and opponents make it out to be. The proponents say this is the end of the world, but they are basing their

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2019-09-03 ‘The Cosmic Inventor’ Fessenden Book

I got the book on Reginald Fessenden and I’ve been reading it the last few days. It’s a thin book, the story was first published in a journal. Fessenden was an early pioneer of wireless AKA radio. He deserved more credit than he received, he was before Marconi but Marconi got most of the publicity.

2019-09-01 Book The Chilling Stars by Svensmark And Calder

I’ve been reading The Chilling Stars by Svensmark and – It’s about the research that Svensmark has done on climate history an why the hot or cold climates have not correlated with the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere at that time. The climate is regulated by many factors, one of these is

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