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2019-07-09 My Telecom/datacomm Background

from FB group Bell Telephone of… Jul 09 Jon Guidry (new member) I was a telecomm/datacomm tech for Santa Ana College and the rest of the college district, so we were a customer of Pac Bell/SBC/at&t. I did all house Telecom and datacomm wiring and plant for 3+ decades. I was a craftsperson like many

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2019-07-08 BigClive Fixes LED Floodlight With Solder

from YouTube video bigclivedotcom about fixing a LED floodlight. Half of the 100 LEDs went dark; he resoldered the LEDs and they all started working. The non-conducting half was not using its half of the 25 mA, so the conducting half was probably running at nearly twice its normal current, or about 25 mA. Hopefully

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2019-07-06 Earliest Audio Amplifiers I built

from FB group Building Transistor Radios July 6 Bill Korbak The early germanium alloy transistors didn’t have enough bandwidth for RF, they were only good for audio. That’s where I built my first amplifier, a three transistor audio amp on a PC board I etched in ferric chloride. I also built the power amplifier. It

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