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2019-01-05 Substituting Chokes For A Coil In A Reflex Circuit

From FB group Building Transistor Radios 2018-01-15 Nick wants to use two 10 mH chokes close to each other in place of a coil that’s used in the typical reflex circuit. I’ll include a schematic of the circuit (from somewhere on the net). This is labeled L2. (begin my comment) Nick Bastian The coupling is

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2019-01-01 Loopstick Of Ferrite Suppressor Sleeves

Also to FB groups Building Transistor Radios and Ferrite Rod Antenna Experimenters I got a bunch of ferrite RFI suppressor sleeves from I found a wood dowel the same size as the hole in the sleeves, and I cut it slightly shorter than the length of 5 sleeves. I drilled 1/8 inch holes in

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