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2018-06-16 EMS Isolates Itself Off

From FB group Bell Telephone That reminds me of the EMS we had at the college. The original system used RS-485 around campus. So they started using IP over the network. So at the end of Friday in the hot summer, the Energy Management System tells the A/C units on each bldg to shut down.

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2018-06-14 The 9012, 9013, 9014, 9015, 9018 And Similar Transistors

From the FB group Building Transistor Radios Willie Barnett The generic 901x series are very cheap jellybean transistors used in consumer electronics, typically made in Asia. The 901x was preceded by C, but other companies used other prefixes such a S901x for Fairchild (now ON Semi), or CC901x, or even MPS901x or MMBT for surface

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2018-06-12 Casio Watches And A Vivid Dream

First paragraph from FB group Bell Telephone… I had one of these Casio Data Tel watches, but I never used that feature. I used the calculator a lot, though. The buttons got scuffed up badly when I worked in tight places. I’ve had many Casio calculator watches, up until lately when I started using my

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