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2018-02-28 Pension Unfunded Liability Article

From From FB group Orange Talk Also see LA Times article This was from the .PDF document here “Here were the Grand Jury’s findings about how the entire county should deal with pension reform: RECOMMENDATIONS In accordance with California Penal Code §933 and §933.05, the 2015-2016 Grand Jury requires (or as noted, requests)

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2018-02-14  LED 2nds, Factory Rejects

I’ve had several LED purchases that were LEDs of poor quality, actually factory rejects.  The sellers may not have known that the LEDs had “chipped chips” missing a piece, or bubbles or inclusions, but even more commonly, the LED chip is off center so the beam pattern is distorted.  I let the sellers know, and

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2018-02-04 AT&T Breakup Speculation

From FB group Bell Telephone of … From a customer viewpoint, I’d agree with Trevor Hammonds.  Glenn Peters said, “…there were some gains, but more losses.”  Gains or losses for whom? Looking back at what MCI did – selling long distance minutes for half the price – I think that CLECs would have independently introduced

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