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2018-01-31 1kHz Wien Bridge Oscillator Kit

Also photo posted to FB group Building Transistor Radios. I got several of these Wien Bridge Oscillator kits from an eBay seller in China.  They are built using the circuit from More information can be found on the wiki for this oscillator. The kits come with no instructions, so to assemble it, use this red circuits

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2018-01-30 Elijah And His Unique Keyboard

At the college I worked at, they had a part-time internship program where students could get on the job experience for a semester.  One of our employees got her son a job as an intern in our department. His name was Elijah, but he didn’t like being called that, and went by “EJ”.  He was

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2018-01-29 Sperti-Faraday Relay for Telephone Line

2018-01-29 Battery Capacity Testing

From FB group Another FB member, who’s not in the groups, has also built a battery capacity tester.  I think he uses a 10 ohm resistor.  The typical testers found online apparently use what the battery makers say they use in the data sheets. This link is for the .PDF of the apps manual for

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2018-01-28 Getting Reputable Rechargeable Cells

From FB group Hobby Electronics When a manufacturer purchases parts for the product they are making, they expect to receive what the engineers department had specified in the department’s documents. When the parts are received, the Quality Control department is supposed to check to see if the parts received meet the engineering documents.  I know

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2018-01-26 Transistors, Labeling and Numbering

From FB group Building Transistor Radios The silicon transistor wafers may have been made in the US, but the wafers were shipped to foreign countries to be assembled into the actual transistors.  The wafer is cut up into tens of thousands of individual transistors, and after assembly they are tested and separated by the results. 

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2018-01-25 Public Pensions Aren’t The Problem.

From FB group Orange Talk Karl Seppala You are complaining about the wrong group.  First off, the state employees are getting what they are allowed to get.  The pension reform act did away with a lot of the cheaters.  If you don’t like it, the legislature is the ones who can change the laws.  And

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2018-01-24 Winning The Lottery – Not So Good

From article in Burning cash CNN reports that Americans spent over $80 billion on lottery tickets in 2016, or more than they spent on books, movies, music, sports tickets, and video games combined. That’s the equivalent of almost $250 being played by every man, woman, and child in the U.S., and since kids can’t buy

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2018-01-23 Reply To Banned Without Notice

reply to a FB group admin I was really flustered last week when I was “banned without notice” for something I had no idea apparently would offend someone – a moderator.  What did I do wrong? In another group I was banned because someone else was offensive, and when I blocked him, *he* complained to

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2018-01-22 Demo Of Wireless Charging

for FB group Electronics Hobbyists The demonstration of a wireless charging circuit that I built uses a Joule Thief circuit with two yellow LEDs in series.  The coil is a hand wound loop about 75 mm or 3 inches diameter.  A second loop of gray wire with a white LED (dimly lit at bottom) is

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