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2017-10-15 Royal Transistor Radio Making Battery Contacts

I have had to make several contacts for the Zenith Royal 500 transistor radios, and I’m only on the second radio refurbishing.  Most of the problems have been mechanical – worn volume controls, tuning capacitor shorted because the screw for the trimmer capacitor was grounding, and bad battery contacts.  The battery contacts have been horribly

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2017-10-13 Fri 13 More Telephone Tales

FB Telephone group My least favorite part of the job was doing the crossconnects after new underground cables were installed.  The contractor’s guys had punched down the cables and spread icky pic all over everything, walls, backboards, blocks, everything!  I’d do some work and go to lunch and have to wash that jelly off from

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2017-10-12 Telephone 66 Blocks

More from FB Telephone group.  Continued from yesterday’s thread. Yeah, those numbers sound familiar.  When we cutover to the digital PBXs, all those key systems were abandoned, and all of the hundred pair cables between bldgs were only partially used.  I pulled of most of the crossconnect wires, so there wasn’t much need for more

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2017-10-11 Telephone PBXs and Heat

From FB group Bell Telephone  Yeah, that’s the problem.  Them fans whining all the time, and having to rinse out the filters in the bathroom every 6 months to keep the PBXs from overheating.  I had to get the a/c guys to come to the phone room often and blow out the mold clogging the

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2017-10-07 9V Battery Substitute – FB

posted to FB group Vintage Transistor Radios today. I got tired of spending a lot of money on new 9 volt batteries, so I built a dc-to-dc converter, that takes two AA or AAA batteries and converts 3 volts to 9 volts DC.  One problem is that I got it to put out about 10

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2017-10-02 Ripped Off By eBay Seller?

I bought a few Arduino Nano plus breakout board “kits” from an eBay seller in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The seller seems to be a coin dealer.  They advertised the Nanos as Mega328, but the ones I got were Mega168, which have half as much memory.  I don’t know if the seller knew they were inferior

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