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2017-10-29 Esther Had No Fingerprints 

From FB group Bell Telephone… Speaking of federal contracts…  I had a neighbor, Esther, who was 96, and she told me about her husband’s company, Glaser engineering.  During WW 2, they were bidding on some government contract, so they had to be investigated by the FBI.  They had to have their fingerprints taken.  A few

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2017-10-28 Old Telephone As Arduino Number Input

The old dial telephone uses pulses of current to dial phone numbers.  I thought it might be useful to enter digits into an Arduino.  I have to investigate if there is already a program that can do this. The phone has to have some current, maybe 10 mA, flowing through it so that the pulses

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2017-10-27 Telephone To Desk Light

From FB reply to video of a European gutting a 500 style phone to make a desk light: ​The ‘giant’ (mini) toggle switch wasn’t the pain;  it was the hole drilled right through the dial that made me cringe.  I would’ve used an invention I made for a project I built.  I put the switch

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2017-10-26 AT&T And Carterfone Decision 

From FB group Bell Telephone… Ars Technica article link at the end. Me: You’re right, Ed.  I’m also on another old timer’s group and someone brought up the days we were coming in from gym class in high school, and we had a hard time breathing because of the smog here in the LA basin.

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2017-10-25 Cisco VoIP Errors, Fax Jitter

From FB group Bell Telephone… Oct 28 Pat Chicas We (at where I worked) used all Cisco 7900 sets.  You can tap the help “?” button twice during a call and see the statistics for the call, both for a time (per second?) and cumulative.  I would go to one bldg and make a call,

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2017-10-24 AT&T And The Breakup

From FB group Bell Telephone…  Oct 29, 30 to Ronald Cooper Yeah, Touchtone is an excellent example of AT&T’s holding back technology.  Besides the customer paying them for a service that benefitted AT&T more, making the customer pay so much ($1.20 a month, when my phone bill was $10 to $15 a month), they gave

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2017-10-22 Royal 500 Battery Holder Contacts 

Here’s a photo of one contact I made from a tin can lid.  I cut it out with a scissors, and flattened and bent it with a hammer on a heavy block of steel.  It’s a bit blurry because I used a magnifying glass to get closer.

2017-10-21 Zenith Royal 500 Radio Problems

From FB group Vintage Transistor Radios Jim LaFrance: I’ve never found a Zenith that was not worthy of repair. Good solid builds! me: I agree; they’re solid, well designed radios.  Now that I have a bunch, my supply of old germanium transistors that I had accumulated seems inadequate, so I may have to start experimenting

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2017-10-19 Santa Ana College Early History of Datacomm

From my post to FB group Bell Telephone… We were having problems with one of our 4 wire point to multipoint datacomm circuits.  Every morning at a little after 9 AM the circuit would go down.  I called in the problem and a Pac Bell tech came out, but couldn’t find a problem.  Next day,

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2017-10-18 USS Ticonderoga Comm System

From my post to FB group Bell Telephone… Around 1967 I was on leave from the army, and our mentor took a friend and I down to San Diego to troubleshoot the comms system on the USS Ticonderoga.  Here I was on leave from eating in a mess hall, and we ate lunch in the

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